Three developments

May 5th, 2006

Hi, people, one change of personnel and two great developments are being planned for PodBible:

  1. Nathan Kilpatrick will be taking over from Matt Wilson as our technical guru and general web person! Many many thanks to Matt, whose willingness to do things quickly and as needed enabled us to get the site up and running and to introduce new features like the Bible in a Year with little warning! And big thanks too to Nathan, who will be an ideal successor (especially and Nathan and Matt are friends…
  2. We are moving to a new host. Richard Naylor of CityLink (more big thanks!) has offered us hosting, which should make the site respond much better with the new higher traffic we are getting, which was beginning to cause problems with the old host. This will also give us space to make the “Biblecast” link work properly. (Just be patient a little longer!)
  3. We are planning to add a facility so that you can discuss the Bible as well as hear it. Though this one may (as they say) take a little longer…

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