Congratulations, Cheyenne Bible

January 31st, 2007

Congratulations to Wayne Leman (the founder of the interesting and active multi-author Better Bibles Blog) on the publication of both print and audio versions of the Cheyenne translation he has been working on (if I remember right for years, since I first got to “know” him through comments on the early drafts of Amos). A […]

Reporting problems

January 31st, 2007

I’ve just discovered that when we did 2 Corinthians as part of the Bible in a year last year somehow we repeated chapter 12 THREE times! And we missed out chapter 13. Please if you spot a problem like that do let us know, either in a “comment” on this blog (It doesn’t matter what […]

Not about PodBible, but a somewhat kindred spirited project, LibriVox describes itself like this: LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. One LibriVox project I’ve worked on has now […]

Sorry (again) ::

January 13th, 2007

Once again I have to say I am sorry! It is the summer holidays here downunder, and I managed to go away without checking that I had enough Bible in a Year chunks uploaded before I went. And, perhaps because it is holiday time, no one with my cell phone number phoned to tell me! […]

Thanks, Wayne, for mentioning that one of the options here is to hear the whole audio CEV Bible in a year. Basically if your new year’s resolution was to read the Bible in 2007 but you prefer to listen than read remember you just need either to log on daily to PodBible and download the […]

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