There’s another interesting experiment in communicating the Bible started a few weeks ago just across the ditch from PodBible, the Bible Society in Australia‘s SMSBible. Of course, there are people who think TXT is just not “holy” or “beautiful” enough for the Bible even the esteemed if:book , a blog dedicated to the future of […]

Genesis 1

November 8th, 2005

Today we start again, with a new book, this time at “the beginning”. Actually this is a rare occasion where we have not read using the traditional chapter boundaries. It just made no sense not to finish the week of creation… The down to earth straightforward language of the CEV may not be perfect for […]

OK, here’s a post where you can add your thoughts, questions etc after hearing Mark’s gospel… Was hearing the gospel a chapter a day the same as how you normally hear/read it, if not what was different?

Discussing the “reading”

November 7th, 2005

Tomorrow we finish Mark’s Gospel… PodBible aims to encourage listeners to reflect on the Bible texts they hear. That’s why we have the |Think|Pray|Do|s… Maybe though people would like to consider the ways others interact with the text… So, we have toyed with, but so far not started to work on, ideas to make this […]

MP3 players under $50

November 3rd, 2005

The lowest price of MP3 players in NZ is now under $50 (facts correct at 7am 4th November local time or see this page for latest info) so those of you who have been wanting some way to take your PobBible with you away from the computer can do so much cheaper! Thanks to Dave […]

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