The podcast system is running well, we are onto Mark 3 today (Mark one was the sample available early, and Mark 2 was published yesterday). Nathan K took some photos over the weekend, so I have uploaded them, eventually we will reorganise the site, for now just follow this link to the photos of the […]


October 23rd, 2005

Please give thanks, the weekend went well, only a few small glitches, we even finished ahead of schedule… More news later when I’m rested. Must fix up the podcasts for the next few days… Give thanks to God, and also to all the 300+ volunteers who made the broadcast, and to the organisations that made […]

We finished the Old Testament at lunchtime today, quite a bit earlier than we expected, so we are likely to finish tomorrow morning, we just don’t know how early! We haven’t had any more stats, but it quite pleasing that a good number of people have listened to parts of the BibleCast, we now just […]

10 hours down and 60+ to go…

October 20th, 2005

Well, we’ve been reading for over 10 hours now, and still going strong! No too large disasters so far, and good response from those who we know have heard it… Up to Deuteronomy at this stage…

Starting in 3 hours….

October 20th, 2005

Barring accidents the broadcasts start in just three hours, last night we tested the equipment in its final set up, all working well…

Technology, testing and time

October 16th, 2005

Sunday afternoon we tried to test the technology, we succeeded with most of it, after the usual struggles to get hard and softwares talking the same language. We got the broadcast going from Bob Edmiston’s new PC (that he has kindly loaned us for the week). We got the external sound card talking to that […]

Blogging for PodBible

October 14th, 2005

As well as the media attention people go on adding a mention of the project to their blogs, Stu McG is the latest, these mentions are great, as in the short term they will bring us readers, but more in the long term they will help raise our profile on Google and other search engines, […]

World Famous in NZ

October 13th, 2005

The podcasts are already gathering interest in the secular media, with material on the NZ Herald site and on Stuff. I just wish they had links so people could find this site!

Radio Rhema Interview

October 13th, 2005

Sometime after 3pm today Radio Rhema will be interviewing me about the PodBible Project, with the rest of the 20,000 bookmarks going round churches this Sunday we are getting closer with promoting the Labour Weekend BibleCast…

The project to podcast the Bible made the front page of Challenge Weekly, at least it’s front page of the online version, with a full story inside. And according to Mark H (who has an injection in his spine today, so please pray for him!) the Rhema network are thinking of featuring the project… more […]

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