Now, here’s an idea for locally produced audio resources for local churches!

Promo video: a livelier one

October 19th, 2008

Here’s the one I prefer… with the same photo credits: Photos by freecultureNYU, biblicone, kretyen, Edward B., futureatlas.com, terren in Virginia, Alan Joyce, liewcf, GeoWombats, Wonderlane, knowhimonline, the bright and morning star, nexus6

Doing a promo was stimulated by David’s video, he reckons that I’m too frenetic, so here first is a quiet one 😉 BTW if you want to embed this on your blog or website, with a link to PodBible.com please! Use this code: The photos all came from Flickr with CC licenses, here are the […]

Bible 60: Leviticus

October 16th, 2008

Yes, by popular demand 😉 one of the least read (by Christians anyway) Bible books now comes packaged in neat Bible 60 format – just download and write to CD, dub to cassette, for someone who finds reading difficult, or just get an hour at a time for listening in the car… Leviticus 1-14 Leviticus […]

Blog Action Day

October 14th, 2008

Today is Blog Action Day and the theme is poverty. Today’s reading comes from the end of the book of Judges (Judges 18). This and the next few chapters are part of the Bible that is NEVER read in church, too gruesome, messy and disgusting. Which makes it not a bad section to be reading […]

Bible 60: Exodus

October 9th, 2008

Bible 60 packages chapters from the PodBible reading of the CEV in convenient clusters. Each package will be about 60 minutes, ideal to dub to a C60 cassette, or write to an audio CD, for someone who’s eyesight is going, or an easy 20-30MB download to listen to on a journey… Here is Bible 60 […]

Mike Crudge’s book

October 9th, 2008

Mike Crudge has taken an interest in PodBible since we started, so some PodBible people might be interested in Mike’s book. The Abel Tasman Coastal Track: The best bits of New Zealand the book has reproduced Mikes photos really well and it would make a nice present (under $20) for anyone who has been there, […]

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