Chat about the Bible

June 27th, 2007

While we scheme and plan to create something better, if you want to chat about what you’ve heard NOW, just use the simple easy boxes (on just about every page) provided free by YellBox. No need to login or any such nonsense, just type a name and start…

Trouble with time (zones)

June 20th, 2007

Two days ago (the 19th in NZ – where the blog gets its day and date from) when the last post “Breaking records and new plans” went live, I did not know that two days ago (the 19th in the USA, where PodBible is hosted), or yesterday in NZ (20th), PodBible would post TWO chapters […]

PodBible has so far in June regularly broken the 1,000 visitor per day mark (a few days have been just under the “magic” figure, but others as high a 1,200 more than make up for them. We have also been delivering about half a gigabyte of data every day on average. That equates to thousands […]

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