On my personal blog I pointed to a brilliant resource (HT Stephen) The Bible Style Guide claims to be “a reference text designed specifically for those working within the media industry.” It also provides a “crash course in the Bible” for most other people too. It is the best introduction to biblical studies I know in just 79 pages – actually it is the only one anywhere near that short and better than most that are several times as long!

It combines very brief, down to earth glossary of key terms that people use when talking about the Bible, with a crash course in the nature of biblical literature, translation issues and adds some fascinating info on the Bible in today’s world. There is probably no one who can not learn something from this free 79 page book!

If you:

  • think Ebionite is a sort of ancient plastic
  • a Codex is related to secret messages
  • a canon goes “bang”

The Bible Style Guide will soon put you right! The answers are neat, quick and sensible.

Kids, do you think the Bible is old fashioned but confused because you were brought up to think it a Holy Book? Just get The Bible Style Guide and browse through it like a magazine.

Mature Christians (code for “not quite so longer young”) who get the Bible Style Guide will discover something new and inspiring – before breakfast and it’s absolutely free!

Quite seriously this is the most compact, useful and easy to use Bible Handbook I have ever seen…

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