About PodBible.com

Hearing the Bible in new ways

Just as the invention of print changed the availability of the Bible and the ways people read it, in our time again technologies (especially the Internet and mobile phones) are changing our ways of reading.

This site aims to enable and equip the mobile Internet generation (of whatever age) with resources.

In particular:

Global BibleCast

On NZ's Labour Weekend holiday 21 to 24 October 2005 (beginning Friday morning local time, and finishing early Monday morning) we broadcast the whole Bible live from this site.Over 300 volunteers participated giving lots of different accents from NZ and around the world. We believe this was the first time anyone had broadcast a reading of the Bible (cover to cover though not the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonicals) live to the whole world on the web.

Bible Podcasts

From the best chapters of the BibleCast, with others specially recorded, we are offering daily chapters and also readings that will take you through the whole Bible in a year, the chapter a day version includes  brief focus points: |think| |pray| and |do|. Imagine having quiet-time in the gym, or while cooking lunch, or walking in the park!


We are working on a version of the site that will offer AMR files, much smaller than MP3s for mobile phones, that should be finished soon. We are also gradually packaging the Bible in chunks of roughly 60 minutes to make listening at home or in the car easier, and help churches make the audio Bible available to elderly and sight impaired people.