Global BibleCast and Podcast "Quiet Time" Project

When the Bible was new, in synagogue and early church it was heard, not read (except by scholars). The invention of print changed the way we read the Bible, private devotional reading became possible and eventually normal. In the 21st century this trend is reversing. Many people today do not really read, they scan newspapers, and webpages. Meanwhile many listen to radio programs on MP3 players (little gizmos with earphones people use while jogging or on the bus - iPod is the best known brand, so a "podcast" is a broadcast downloaded from the Internet - the BBC give a good description.).


We plan to enable the podcast generation to "read the Bible" their way. We will provide audio recordings of Bible "chunks" with 3 "things to think about, pray about and do". This added material will be open-ended, so hearers work out the meaning of the Bible for themselves. These recordings will be freely available to anyone on the web. (Churches could also download and put them on tape for people with bad eyesight too!)

We plan to start with a world-first world-wide BibleCast broadcast live on the web (Labour Weekend 2005). This will achieve several things:


A website to host the Podcast Bible – for up to 80 Gigabytes per month of downloads (the entire Bible is less than 2 Gigabytes) costs US$100 per year.

This page was prepared by Tim Bulkeley, 2005.

The planning team includes:
Mark Barnard
Jodie Kilpatrick
Peter Olds
Doug Vause