PodBible Free Lunches

October 16th, 2006

The main way we get Think | Pray | Do ideas is to offer people at church a PodBible “Free Lunch”. We supply soup and French Bread, or a simple quick and easy pasta. Small groups have fun spending an hour brainstorming ideas and recording them.

A quick easy and fun social event with “spiritual” content. Just a thought, would anyone who reads this like help to organise a PodBible Free Lunch at their place, and then you can contribute to supplying the Bible to hundreds of people every day… Just email Tim to “talk” about it…

October 11th, 2006

Peter Sellers
Accents – the delight of regionalism ::

In this video Peter Sellers is interviewed over the ‘phone and does several different London accents, before “visiting” Glasgow and Edinburgh, and returning through England to Devon. Just Brilliant!

October 11th, 2006

If you like acting… ::

Here’s a great clip of Peter Sellers being interviewed on the ‘phone, in a couple of minutes he does accents from London (several) to Glasgow and Edinburgh and then back to England. Brilliant!

Site “down” Sunday-Monday

October 8th, 2006

I am sorry about the unavailability of PodBible during part of Sunday and Monday, we had only minutes warning from our hosts!

We were warned by our webhosts eDataRack.com that PodBible (like other sites they host) will be unavailable for some hours during Sunday-Monday. But the email arrived only minutes before the site (and so this blog) went offline!

We are very sorry about this but had no control over it. It comes from needing to use a cheap host 😉

Sorry, Bible in a Year mess up

August 17th, 2006

Dear all,

I am very sorry, there has been another mix up with the Bible in a Year posts, which I am correcting this morning.

The last few weeks have been very busy, and Pete has been incommunicado (learning to be properly military, so he can be a chaplain in the navy) so I’ve been doing the posting alone.

Two items of good news though:

Another group has volunteered to think up openended Think|Pray|Do ideas, so Balmoral Baptist should get longer gaps between PodBible free lunches, and you should get an even bigger variety of things to think about, pray about and do, as you listen to the Bible.

Bibles in Action have promised us money to employ a student parttime to help with breaking up the chapters and correcting the volume etc. Since this is quite a lot of work this will be a big help!

More news on both of these will follow…

In the meanwhile if you know a group of 3+ people who would like a different fun activity that will let them discover (part of) the Bible in a new way, just contact Tim (tim@carey.ac.nz Auckland 526 0344) to talk about arranging a PodBible Free Lunch.

PodBible on Shine TV

May 30th, 2006

For any of you who missed seeing Peter Olds on Shine TV (and I did as we don’t have Sky 😉 you can access the segment online just click on the Monday 29th May 2006 link (there’s a choice of broadband or dialup) and the segment is about 1/3 of the way through the program!

PodBible will feature on Shine TV on Monday with an interview with Peter Olds. Programme details and URL for watching on the web, to follow!

We also had a nice article in Challenge Weekly covering our first six months of podcasting the Bible. Which has been taken up so wse have made (a very small splash in) a US news service: Biblecast delivering 1000 Bible chapters a day to listeners.

Incidentally, over the first six months usage has grown fairly steadily and visitors have increased by 50%. Data downloaded increased by a 600%, though heavy downloads after Easter Camp 😉 may account for some of that. Before Easter at the 5 month mark it was up 350%.

In April (the last full month 364 of you visited PodBible.com each day. At the peak at the end of the month you guzzled over a gigabyte of data each day (that’s over 1,000 chapters)! “Bible Podcast” was the commonest search term on Google to find this site.

24 countries scored more than 10 hits in the month, NZ was second after the USA, visitors also came from: Japan, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Guatemala, China, Italy, Singapore, Brazil, Israel, Poland, Norway, Spain, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, Malaysia, Portugal. But, of course lots of people subscribe through Bloglines or another Blog or Podcast reader, and will therefore “count” as coming from the USA!

Three developments

May 5th, 2006

Hi, people, one change of personnel and two great developments are being planned for PodBible:

  1. Nathan Kilpatrick will be taking over from Matt Wilson as our technical guru and general web person! Many many thanks to Matt, whose willingness to do things quickly and as needed enabled us to get the site up and running and to introduce new features like the Bible in a Year with little warning! And big thanks too to Nathan, who will be an ideal successor (especially and Nathan and Matt are friends…
  2. We are moving to a new host. Richard Naylor of CityLink (more big thanks!) has offered us hosting, which should make the site respond much better with the new higher traffic we are getting, which was beginning to cause problems with the old host. This will also give us space to make the “Biblecast” link work properly. (Just be patient a little longer!)
  3. We are planning to add a facility so that you can discuss the Bible as well as hear it. Though this one may (as they say) take a little longer…

Bible in a year

March 26th, 2006

To those of you following our Bible in a year podcasts, sorry! Due to a misunderstanding I wrongly added Luke’s Gospel (again) and because we had got behind some chapters will have appeared for you. It is now corrected and the Bible in a Year is working through John’s Gospel. (chapters 9 and 10 today.)

Please accept my apologies.

Humble Pie

March 14th, 2006

[insert here image of groveling and eating dirt]

We are all very sorry, due to very busy schedules (and a much needed holiday or two as well 😉 we have got all behind. Normal reading will be resumed asap. We will get up to date by ‘casting the daily chapters without | think | pray | do | sections till we get organised again, and will catch up in a day or two. We are trying to organise teams to help make this a smoother and more regular podcast. Please pray that suitable people may volunteer. Before we volunteer you! 😉

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