Sorry about the last week!

July 10th, 2007

After 5 days of emails and phone calls, today I have almost given up on the “old” hosts. We are setting up PodBible on a new (temporary) host and most things are working again. Over the next few days as we fix the rest please be patient and pray for us to be patient too – we’ll need it 😉

In particular over these few days there may be blips in our RSS feeds for the podcasts. Again please be understanding, or if you are a PHP wizard offer to help!

PodBible Blogged

July 4th, 2007
Heidi Campbell who teaches communication at Texas A & M, is in NZ for a few weeks taking part in various colloquia and things, she is the latest blogger to post about this audio Bible “PodBible: An experiment in MP3ing the Good Book“. Heidi will be meeting with a bunch of others to talk about her work, and especially her study of religious bloggers. When the date is finalised I’ll post details here so those in NZ (now a minority of PodBible listeners) can get to meet her.

Chat about the Bible

June 27th, 2007

While we scheme and plan to create something better, if you want to chat about what you’ve heard NOW, just use the simple easy boxes (on just about every page) provided free by YellBox. No need to login or any such nonsense, just type a name and start…

Trouble with time (zones)

June 20th, 2007

Two days ago (the 19th in NZ – where the blog gets its day and date from) when the last post “Breaking records and new plans” went live, I did not know that two days ago (the 19th in the USA, where PodBible is hosted), or yesterday in NZ (20th), PodBible would post TWO chapters for the day, not one! We apologise to all our hearers, we did not mean to give you this extra bonus chapter 😉 but hope God blessed you through it anyway.

It was most emphatically NOT an attempt to increase the June download figures!

PodBible has so far in June regularly broken the 1,000 visitor per day mark (a few days have been just under the “magic” figure, but others as high a 1,200 more than make up for them. We have also been delivering about half a gigabyte of data every day on average. That equates to thousands of chapters each day, so clearly not everyone is using the chapter-a-day format!

In the light of this usage we have several plans for making PodBible more useful:

  • somewhere for you to “talk” about what you hear – the details even the broad outline is still unclear, but we’d like YouTalk which is what we’ll call it to be informal, easy to use, in various ways (including a Twitter-like box with thoughts people are recording right now, that changes live as people add new things
  • downloadable “CDs” and “Cassette tapes” that people can use to make up PodBible for the elderly, or to listen to a whole book on a long drive (even if they do not have one of those clever MP3 on your car radio gadgets)
  • introductions to Bible books and links to other helps to understanding “what’s going on”
  • and, last but biggest, something like PodBible in other languages (see xoBible for one dream of this) remember the second highest usage of PodBible by country is now China and several countries in the top 30 are not traditional English speaking places!

Performing Job

May 23rd, 2007

Hi, all, not really PodBible, but related. A group of us are talking about recording the book of Job, with each “character” read by a different person. We will be doing this on Librivox so the result needs to be in the public domain. That means we can’t use a modern translation. Please listen to the three possibilities listed at this post on Tim’s blog, and comment on their suitability!

5 Minute Bible

April 18th, 2007

If you like PodBible, you may like 5 Minute Bible a new “audio blog” by Tim that will have 5 minute audio about Bible passages. Sometimes they’ll be more devotional like the first post:

sometimes more of a lecture like the second:

PodBible for Easter

March 22nd, 2007
Once we finish Exodus, we will post just a bit over a week of chapters selected for the Holy week and Easter before starting on Acts.

By the way sorry for the chapters of Genesis that appeared on the front page recently, that is a by product of the glitch that only enables us to put up chapters dated for the current year and month, I was correcting a few mistakes an observant listener had pointed out…

Hosting Down

March 12th, 2007

As it says on the front page over the weekend our host went down. They are answering neither email nor phone. So, we are making other arrangements, but since there are just Scott and Tim trying to get it up and running again, and since our backups were not as good as they should have been (sorry!) it may take a day or two…

I’ll post news here as we have any. In the meantime if anyone knows a good reliable webhost that does not cost too much…

Selling the Sky Tower?!

February 18th, 2007

Actually he’s not doing that, but Mike Crudge, of Carey Baptist College (where PodBible was recorded) seems to have become a con artist.

He is selling Dominion Road!

His “scam” will only work if lots of people bid, so do claim your piece of history…

If you are still suspicious try checking this out!

To discuss: What does the Bible say about this?

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