An attentive and helpful listener has pointed out that Luke 3-13 (i.e. up to date at the time of writing) lack Think|Pray|Do ideas. The backup copies on my laptop also do not have these, just the Bible text. I am travelling (see http://asiabible.wordpress.com), so it will be next month till I am at home and can check to see if we have TPDs prepared and recorded for Luke. So, I’d ask you to supply your own for these weeks! Also if you come up with good ones to either post them as comments to this post, or send them by email to pod at podbible.com then we can use them and have a wider range of contributors!

I am sorry about the mix up with the recordings for the Bible in a Year for the 2nd and 3rd of this month. I put them up from an Internet cafe in Bangkok, while suffering from jetlag and lack of sleep (see here for details of why) and made a mistake. For those who are saving the recordings to use again, I will try to fix it as soon as I can – but where I am now it may take a few days (or even till April if I have not got the necessary files with me 🙁

Isaiah 53 update

December 22nd, 2007

Thanks to a helpful listener, who spotted the mistake and emailed us (pod@podBible.com) I have corrected Isaiah 53 so that it now does have a ThinkPrayDo attached. I have also updated the version in the pre-Christmas readings so that the “chapter” includes the start of the song in Isaiah 52. (If you want just ch. 53 it is available on the Isaiah page. Please, if you spot a bad stumble, a reader’s mistake, or some other error like the missing ThinkPrayDo, let us know so we can correct it!

Christmas readings

December 12th, 2007

In a day or two (depending on your timezone) we’ll be starting a series of chapters leading up to Christmas. This is not a real Advent podcast, since we have not tried to cover the whole season of Advent, fortnight or so… Astute listeners may also have noticed that a few chapters seem to have crept in already from Matthew and Luke. The problem was that to make these chapters appear on the days for Christmas they had to disappear from the regular listing of the gospels – and I did not want to supply these gospels without the Christmas story in the days before Christmas… the solution was to list them twice, but then they appeared in the RSS feed… unless you are a super-geek you just can’t win… anyway seasonal greetings to you all.

Advent Podcasts

December 5th, 2007
We will be starting a PodBible advent flavoured series of chapters soon, basically once the current crop of Psalms is finished. I’ll announce the details here in a day or two before it starts. Stephen posted a link to a different sort of Advent podcast, Devo-to-Go offers a series of short devotional talks based on advent readings of a few verses each.


Their ‘casts are just a bit longer than my 5 Minute Bible ones, and are more conventionally “devotional” like mini sermons, each day also features a fundraising link to the source of the music clips they have used.

Downloading whole books

November 21st, 2007

Someone asked me today if they could download a book at a time – it would be so much easier than chapter-by-chapter. The answer is “not yet”. We’d love to make Bible books available this way, BUT we do not have enough volunteers. We are flat out just keeping the daily chapters going. So, if you know a technically literate, careful and accurate person with some time they could give… we could start repackaging the Bible in book-sized chunks (for Bible gluttons 😉 or even into CD size chunks (to supply to the elderly in your congregation as audio CDs or even cassette tapes – remember them?). Just email pod (at) podbible.com or comment here to inquire about volunteering, or to dob someone in!

Numbering Fixed

September 9th, 2007

I have fixed the numbering of the Bible in a Year, I hope that the change does not make problems for anyone! One of the problems with a basically unfunded amateur project is that sometimes backup people are not in place and “glitches” arise, we are slowly ironing these out – please be understanding and patient…

September mix up

September 5th, 2007

Dear all,

I am sorry for the mix up at the start of September, I (Tim) was away on holiday and though Sarah tried to upload the new month’s files she had problems. Apart from the gap in day numbering for the Bible in a year we are now back on track.

I hope the mix up did not cause anyone too much inconvenience.

Those of you who want print Bibles to give to pastors, teachers and friends:

Bible Society in Australia has a mission catalogue online of Bibles to give away their cheapest CEV is A$5:95 in both plain and “youth” flavours.

UK cheapest seems to be retail at £5.50 their hardback to “give away” is just a little more though…

Bible Society in NZ have these prices for CEVs:
10+ NZ$7.49
20+ NZ$6.99
50+ NZ$6.49

Till the online ordering is fixed just email orders@biblesociety.org.nz

Bibles to give away

August 6th, 2007
Yes apparently if you live in the USA you can buy a Bible for less than $2.0! The only catch is that you have to buy 24 of them. But at $47.76 the one you keep for yourself is not over expensive and the 23 you give away might change a life. Especially as these are CEV translation Bibles, nice clear simple English to make the words of the “word” come alive!

CEV is the translation used by PodBible, so all you PodBible listeners from the USA should sign up today and start giving Bibles away to your pastors, teachers and friends asap. (Your pastors and teachers need them so they can start reading from a clear simple easy to understand version, so people stop thinking the Bible is complicated and old fashioned and can start really hearing what it says!)

Actually, since nearly as many PodBible listeners come from China and quite a few come from NZ does anybody know if a similar deal is available in other countries?

HT to Lingamish who told me about this great deal!

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