Sample Bible Chapters

September 8th, 2005

Yesterday a small group of us (Mark B, Jodie, Peter, and Tim, plus Mark H for a while) got together to work on Mark’s Gospel – appropriate choice with two Marks involved (and no book of Jodie 😉 We prepared a “Think! Pray! Do!” for each chapter and recorded over half the book.

We have provided sample chapters from the Gospel so you can hear what the Podcasts will be like, and make any comments now, while we are still planning…

Sample Chapters from Mark’s Gospel

  Mark 1 (1.54MB)
  Mark 8 (1.7MB)
  Mark 16 (900KB)
The real podcasts will start on October 25th 2005!

The goal of the “Think! Pray! Do!” is NOT to tell you what the Bible says, we think the Holy Spirit will do that, but to stimulate you to reflect prayerfully on what you hear. Do let us know if the mix “works” for you…

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One Response to “Sample Bible Chapters”

  1. mike@carey

    Thanks for this – it’s good!
    I just sat and listened to all these ‘samples’ while I had my dinner… I can imagine it being useful on a regular basis.

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