Minutes (things to do)

September 15th, 2005

Chapters or Genesis for pre-thinking about questions for.
  Tim  1, 5, and 9
  Peter  2, 6,and 10
  Mark B  3, 7, and 11
  Jody  4, 8 ( Jody – as you only get two chapters to do it was agreed that you should make scones for the next meeting 😉

The idea is that we should each read our respective chapters and then pen the ‘Think, Pray, and Do’ questions that occur to us. These should be sent round the group for consideration and theoretically we should be pretty much ready to record when we next get together. (Blog editorial addition: If we have them by the weekend I have some hopes of “persuading” people to read these chapters!)

With regard to promotion there were a number of things that need attention.

Peter will make a phone list of churches to be phoned regarding the inclusion of promotional material in their newsletters for the first Sunday in October.

Tim will script a phone message for those who do the ringing around.

Lorraine and Janine Goode ( and possibly Pam Hughes ) have said they are willing to do some of the phoning round.

We need to ensure that there are at least two people ( one of whom is at least remotely technically savvy ) to be on site at all times during the course of the live broadcast. Here is the roster as it stands:

Friday  7:00am-3:00pm   Tim +
            3:00pm-11:00pm   Mark B +
            11:00pm-7:00am   Nathan K? +
Sat     7:00am-3:00pm
Sun     7:00am-3:00pm
Mon     7:00am-3:00pm
If each of us do two slots we will almost have it covered. Tim to talk to Tim Page, Peter to Nathan and Catrien. Any other takers? Pick the times that suit you and email round. Pete generously volunteered to fit in anywhere!

Peter will take responsibility for being the point person overseeing the youth stuff at nights. This is not suggesting that he will do it but that he will endeavour to ensure that someone does and will try to coordinate them. (Blue is hopefully already at work on this among Carey people…)

Promotional Material
Claim your 15 minutes of fame @
the whole bible . . . live
21-24 Oct 2005

That’s as far as we got with the wording Tim. The stuff you sent through looks ok too. (See above.)

Extra Readers

for the pod chapters are so far Karen Newton, Scott Malcolm, Duncan and Fran Pardon.

Still Need

Someone to script a newsletter notice that churches can put into their bulletins.

Secure definate funding for publicity- circa $1400.00 for printing and about another $600 for equipment that we cannot (so far) borrow.

Design for ‘Appointment’ cards that people can give to their friends when they know their reading times. (Perhaps this could be something that we design and make available on the website so people can download them and print them off themselves. Otherwise we are going to have another distribution problem.)

Booking Time Slots

Tim to speak to Matt about putting atimetable on the web so that people can log on and book their time to read. This should go up ASAP so that we can fill as many slots as possible before the printed publicity goes out. We should concentrate on filling the first half of each hour so that if there are any gaps in the latter half we can strong-arm the people reading the first thirty to stay and do another fifteen.

The End

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