Media coverage?

September 28th, 2005

At last the project to BibleCast and Podcast the Bible is beginning to get some coverage. The NZ Baptist carried an article on the project in it’s October issue (just out) and several bloggers have mentioned it.

As well as SansBlogue others include:

:: Aletheia :: (nb. Linda, Craig’s wife, is one of our readers!)
Wayne at Better Bibles Blog had a post on the translation issues
and in the last 24 hrs both:
Maggi Dawn with her bible podcast post in which she claims to be a luddite who does not understand such technologies! 😉
and AKMA on podcast audio Bible suggesting we leave off the “think|pray|do” ending of the podcasts

I guess we might need to think about AKMA’s suggestion, though probably offering Bible books for download would meet the need he suggests, and allow the podcasts to continue to provide the |think|pray|do| suggestions…

4 Responses to “Media coverage?”

  1. Shane

    I can probably help you out with some publicity. I started God’s iPod, now the biggest, as far as I can tell, Bible podcasting site on the net. I also happen to be in AKL, in fact I was at your Church this very morning 🙂 Looks like God is doing some good stuff with us creative Kiwis.

    Get in touch of you want.
    Shane Anderson

  2. Tim

    ‘Fraid I was in Rotorua, but maybe you chatted with Peter… Kiwis (and Aussies 😉 certainly seem over represented among the hitech early adopters!

  3. stu mcgregor

    i agree with AKMA. the think|pray|do convolutes it. i kind of think there is power in the spoken word if it’s done well. but hey, you guys are doing a great job and i’m looking forward to my part in it.

  4. Tim

    Personally I think the |think|pray|do|s make it more likely that people will process the reading, and not just say to themselves “that’s done, tick Bible reading off my list of things to do…” and people who want to listen to a bigger swathe of text will be able to download whole books…

    But perhaps once the ‘casts go live we’ll get feedback from real users… and see…

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