10 hours down and 60+ to go…

October 20th, 2005

Well, we’ve been reading for over 10 hours now, and still going strong! No too large disasters so far, and good response from those who we know have heard it… Up to Deuteronomy at this stage…

4 Responses to “10 hours down and 60+ to go…”

  1. Anonymous

    Good on you guys!! Hope it all goes well 🙂 man. 10 hours of solid reading… I generally don’t read the bible for more then 30 min a day. But only 60 more hours to go. God bless you all

  2. Webcasting Team

    You’re doing very well. Your ‘cast has been quite busy.

    Peak simultaneous listeners = 21
    Average Simultaneous listeners = 9
    Totals hits = 378

    Thats for the first 24 hours and is very good going.

    Good Luck

  3. Bob Edmiston

    Lovely to hear so many voices, young and old, seasoned and unseasoned. What a refreshing appraoch to reading and listening to God’s word. I am sure this will be something very special for both the listeners and readers alike.

    Thanks to all those who have and are to read and to all those who have helped to make this happen.

  4. Anonymous

    Yay, Go Tracey and Ben … good reading 🙂
    I’ve been listening for 15 min now… but I don’t know what Book I’m listening to. Could be good to repeat book every chapter, to keep new listeners up to date.

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