PodBible will feature on Shine TV on Monday with an interview with Peter Olds. Programme details and URL for watching on the web, to follow!

We also had a nice article in Challenge Weekly covering our first six months of podcasting the Bible. Which has been taken up so wse have made (a very small splash in) a US news service: Biblecast delivering 1000 Bible chapters a day to listeners.

Incidentally, over the first six months usage has grown fairly steadily and visitors have increased by 50%. Data downloaded increased by a 600%, though heavy downloads after Easter Camp 😉 may account for some of that. Before Easter at the 5 month mark it was up 350%.

In April (the last full month 364 of you visited PodBible.com each day. At the peak at the end of the month you guzzled over a gigabyte of data each day (that’s over 1,000 chapters)! “Bible Podcast” was the commonest search term on Google to find this site.

24 countries scored more than 10 hits in the month, NZ was second after the USA, visitors also came from: Japan, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Guatemala, China, Italy, Singapore, Brazil, Israel, Poland, Norway, Spain, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, Malaysia, Portugal. But, of course lots of people subscribe through Bloglines or another Blog or Podcast reader, and will therefore “count” as coming from the USA!

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