Thanks, Wayne, for mentioning that one of the options here is to hear the whole audio CEV Bible in a year. Basically if your new year’s resolution was to read the Bible in 2007 but you prefer to listen than read remember you just need either to log on daily to PodBible and download the day’s chunk, or set your blog or podcast software to do it for you!

2 Responses to “Audio Bible in a Year mentioned on Better Bibles”

  1. chaidrinkingfool

    I came here from “Better Bibles Blog”, and I’ve really appreciated and enjoyed the podcasts for the “Bible in a year” that I’ve listened to thus far.

    But the most recent posting that I see is from 1/7/2007. It’s now 1/13/2007. Is there somewhere else I should navigate to see the rest? Are ya’ll okay, there?


  2. Tim

    Hi, I am very sorry! The post above will explain a but what happened. Thank you for pointing out the problem, usualy I will respond quicker, but I was away with no Internet for a week… Please do not let this slow response stop you pointing out problems if you spot them in future, I do try to fix them quickly! God bless, and have a really good year. Ti

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