PodBible has so far in June regularly broken the 1,000 visitor per day mark (a few days have been just under the “magic” figure, but others as high a 1,200 more than make up for them. We have also been delivering about half a gigabyte of data every day on average. That equates to thousands of chapters each day, so clearly not everyone is using the chapter-a-day format!

In the light of this usage we have several plans for making PodBible more useful:

  • somewhere for you to “talk” about what you hear – the details even the broad outline is still unclear, but we’d like YouTalk which is what we’ll call it to be informal, easy to use, in various ways (including a Twitter-like box with thoughts people are recording right now, that changes live as people add new things
  • downloadable “CDs” and “Cassette tapes” that people can use to make up PodBible for the elderly, or to listen to a whole book on a long drive (even if they do not have one of those clever MP3 on your car radio gadgets)
  • introductions to Bible books and links to other helps to understanding “what’s going on”
  • and, last but biggest, something like PodBible in other languages (see xoBible for one dream of this) remember the second highest usage of PodBible by country is now China and several countries in the top 30 are not traditional English speaking places!

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