Bibles to give away

August 6th, 2007
Yes apparently if you live in the USA you can buy a Bible for less than $2.0! The only catch is that you have to buy 24 of them. But at $47.76 the one you keep for yourself is not over expensive and the 23 you give away might change a life. Especially as these are CEV translation Bibles, nice clear simple English to make the words of the “word” come alive!

CEV is the translation used by PodBible, so all you PodBible listeners from the USA should sign up today and start giving Bibles away to your pastors, teachers and friends asap. (Your pastors and teachers need them so they can start reading from a clear simple easy to understand version, so people stop thinking the Bible is complicated and old fashioned and can start really hearing what it says!)

Actually, since nearly as many PodBible listeners come from China and quite a few come from NZ does anybody know if a similar deal is available in other countries?

HT to Lingamish who told me about this great deal!

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