Numbering Fixed

September 9th, 2007

I have fixed the numbering of the Bible in a Year, I hope that the change does not make problems for anyone! One of the problems with a basically unfunded amateur project is that sometimes backup people are not in place and “glitches” arise, we are slowly ironing these out – please be understanding and patient…

One Response to “Numbering Fixed”

  1. Tigger

    Hi, I saw that you were saying you were having hosting problems. I’d like to offer my services as a small personal host. I have a grand total of 120 gb of space, of which I, and a two friends have used very little of. So, if you need to switch hosts, feel free to comment on my site: http://www.vodka-juicebox.org (ignore the name, I’m really quite tame). My professional website is Web Dork Designs (www.webdorkdesigns.com) but that’s still under wraps.

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