Isaiah 53 update

December 22nd, 2007

Thanks to a helpful listener, who spotted the mistake and emailed us (pod@podBible.com) I have corrected Isaiah 53 so that it now does have a ThinkPrayDo attached. I have also updated the version in the pre-Christmas readings so that the “chapter” includes the start of the song in Isaiah 52. (If you want just ch. 53 it is available on the Isaiah page. Please, if you spot a bad stumble, a reader’s mistake, or some other error like the missing ThinkPrayDo, let us know so we can correct it!

3 Responses to “Isaiah 53 update”

  1. owenjohn

    Hi there,

    Firstly, I think your ‘thinkpraydo’ is a great idea.

    For me, however, it tends to distract from what I’ve been pondering while listening. My question is, would you consider running a parallel podcast without these attachments or packaging these at a later stage without these.

    I’m also one of those people who like a bible with no added commentary – I look it up if I want it – why add someone else’s opinions/stories to clutter the pages. Are there others out there like me?

  2. owenjohn

    Apologies, I have discovered the bible in a year which is readings only! I listened to today’s podcast (Bible_In_A_Year_Chapter_6) but found that the reader stumbled on a few of the names. In their favour, they did get more expressive as they went on.

  3. Tim


    As you have discovered we realise that many people will prefer to get “just the Bible”, as well as doing the Bible in a Year that way we are hoping to make the Bible downloadable book by book, as ZIP files, and if we have time we will make these either with ThinkPrayDos or plain just the Bible text.

    I tend to agree with you and you will notice we did not read the headings that the translators added!

    Some readers stumbled a bit with the names, were this was distracting we will probably do a new corrected reading for the second time – for now we are concentrating on getting the whole Bible done, and the book by book version available (later this year for at least many books, we hope).

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