Bibleref but no markup

May 8th, 2008
For more than a decade I’ve wanted an easy way to make Bible references like these: Amos 7:14; Ruth 1:16-17 into links to the Bible or to popup the verses cited, I put a lot of work into doing that for the Amos commentary.

But now… Thanks to the kind people at Logos, who I expect will benefit from their kindness through lots of links like this one, I have been able to add a cool tool to this blog, and my others that automatically takes most Bible references I type and uses Sean’s clever Bibleref system to add the verse as a popup, and make the reference a link to the passage. My only disappointment is that apparently it does this without rewriting the source code for the page, so probably Google etc. will not be able to use this semantic markup 🙁 maybe in a later implementation?

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