Add PodBible to your blog

May 22nd, 2008
If you have a WordPress blog, and want to add a link to a daily Bible chapter (in the sidebar), just go
to Widgets, and find “RSS” and “add” it then click “edit
and use this URL for the feed: http://podbible.com/rss to add the day’s section from the Bible
in a year use this URL http://podbible.com/bible-in-a-year-rss to get
just one segment a day choose to display “one item”. Give the widget a
title like “Today’s Bible reading” and away you go!

Sadly this does not work for blogger or other blogging platforms 🙁 so I can’t demonstrate it here, or for static webpages, but you can see it at work here http://asiabible.wordpress.com/ so, if you have a WordPress blog, how about it?

If I can discover how to do it in HTML I will post instructions here.

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