PodBible for mobile phones

June 14th, 2008

We are trying to make the PodBible audio Bible (podcasts) available to users on mobile phones, when that project is ready it will be at http://podbible.mobi but at present that’s just an experimental site. We have a problem though with MP3 files, they are still too big!

On FutureBible (the overarching project to deliver the Bible in various ways to mobile phones) David introduces us to a (to me) new file format AMR: An alternative to mp3, I have tried it, using the conversion tool David points to, and it works, a 1.11MB MP3 (at 32kbps) becomes a 218KB AMR (at 6.7 MR) which sounds “nearly” as good though till I amplified it was a bit “quieter”.

However, I have two questions you might be able to answer for me:

  1. What mobile phones can or can’t play AMR files? So if you have a phone can you try downloading this AMR file and seeing if it plays, and report the make, model and result below, please!
  2. What exactly are the licensing issues with AMR there is a link on the Wikipedia site to an VoiceAge legal page, but I go cross-eyed trying to find out what that means for ordinary non-commercial users. Any comments on that would be helpful too!

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