We plan several significant new things in the next year or so:

  • PodBible for mobile phone, we expect soon to go live with the PodBibe.mobi site (at present it is experimental) it will offer the PodBible readings for download to mobile phones. The website is phone friendly, and the audio will be 4-5 times smaller than the MP3s on this site. The bad news is that they only play on phones, or computers with Quicktime installed, and that they are slightly lower quality 🙁

    Mobile phones are much more widely used than Internet in many parts of the world (including Africa and much of Asia) so this will extend the ways PodBible speaks to the parts print Bibles do not reach.

  • Bible 60s collections of chapters from a book or related books that last for about 60 minutes, as high quality MP3s, designed to be downloaded and put on CD or C60 cassette tapes for people who have difficulty reading but do not use computers or MP3 players – ideal for those elderly members of your local church.
  • Bible books high quality MP3s of the chapters of each book in one ZIP file for easy download – ideal for study purposes, share them with your students, youth group, Bible study group etc. (either as MP3s or on CD for the car…).

To do all this needs both more time, some of which we may have to pay for though we mainly use volunteers, and more webserver bandwidth, which will cost more. Currently we are delivering 30GB/month, to raise this to the 200GB/month we expect to be delivering this time next year means moving from cheap shared hosting to a “virtual private server”.

To do all this will cost more than our current income which comes from a Balmoral Baptist Church “mission parcel”, so there are two ways people could help:

  • If you have good computer skills and some time to spare you could help splicing the WAVs together and making the MP3s and ZIPed colections.
  • If you can donate some money just make a bank transfer to:
    Balmoral Baptist Church 12-3021-0296342-00
    please mark it
    “PodBible” (NZ tax payers making larger donations can even arrange to get a receipt to claim the tax back 🙂 phone 09 620 5114 to arrange this.
  • If you are a PHP wizard Nathan K might be glad of some help with getting PodBible.mobi going.

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