Blog Action Day

October 14th, 2008
Today is Blog Action Day and the theme is poverty. Today’s reading comes from the end of the book of Judges (Judges 18). This and the next few chapters are part of the Bible that is NEVER read in church, too gruesome, messy and disgusting. Which makes it not a bad section to be reading on this Blog Action Day, since poverty is also too gruesome, messy and disgusting.

The other connection is that in these chapters we are reminded what happens when there is no decent government to protect the weak, and order society so that everyone has a chance. Many of the world’s poorest live in places where that is true, military dictatorships almost never prioritise ensuring everyone has enough to eat, access to medical care and schooling, warlords ensure such things even less often, and the kleptocracies that “govern” many African states (not just Zimbabwe) give only lip service to the many from whose soil their wealth is looted.

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